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 “Meeting you where you are at” is what our clinic strives for.
We offer many innovative hands-on techniques to safely and gently work with you to reach your personal health goals. Complete physical or occupational therapy programs are available with a physician’s prescription and proper diagnosis. Single sessions are available, with affordable prices, to help many individuals with other wellness or health needs.
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How We Started
 Mission Statement
Our clinic first opened January 2004 in a small office space in Washington Twp. CranioSacral Institute is the dream of Vanessa Howe.
It is her quest to bring effective, yet safe and gentle healing techniques to others, so that they may be helped, as she herself was.
Read more about Vanessa’s story. 
CranioSacral Institute of MI, LLC is a health service organization dedicated to the healing of its clients. Complementary therapies have proven themselves as effective interventions for a wide array of health concerns and for improving overall wellness. CranioSacral Institute of MI, LLC will provide such care in a professional, courteous, respectful manner in order to optimize each individual client’s healing. It is dedicated to development of new and innovative programs to provide new health care options for the general public.
Our highly skilled and compassionate therapy team consists of Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants. Each therapist has additional training in specialty techniques such as craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, visceral manipulation, pediatric techniques, and so many more.
 ​Insurances Accepted
For Physical Therapy programs we work with the following insurances:

  • BCBS (most policies)
  • Cofinity
  • Aetna
  • Workman’s Compensation Programs
  • Auto based (on case by case determination, no litigation)

For Occupational Therapy programs we work with the following insurances:
  • Cofinity
  • Aetna
  • Workman’s Compensation Programs
  • Auto based (on case by case determination, no litigation)

*We attempt to keep these lists up to date. However, call our office to confirm participation with these insurances or to check for any additional insurances accepted.
 Payment Options
Fees, copays, co-insurance, and deductibles are due at time of service. We offer the following payment options:
Debit   -   Check   -   Cash
Listen To The Body
When being open to listening to the body, to find out exactly what it needs…we open ourselves to new learning. Through our integrative approach, we have learned many things. Although these listed things are not “proven” by medicine, we find to be true in our daily clinical practice.

  • Swelling is more effectively reduced with lymph drainage techniques and tends to be more permanent.
  • Chronic back pain issues have a dural component as a primary cause.
  • Fibromyalgia originating from cervical (neck) trauma is largely influenced/caused by inflammation in the spinal cord.
  • The functioning of the lymphatic system is a key influence on allergies.
  • Key nutrient building blocks must be present for tissue to heal, regardless of how many healing opportunities arise. You can offer huge opportunities for healing tissue, but if the key building blocks are not present, true healing cannot occur.
  • Addressing adrenal and neurotransmitter issues allow effective treatment of chronic pain.
  • Never be afraid to look at the whole picture!
  • Pelvic and sacral alignment can be a primary problem in head and neck pain.
  • Pain is never “just in your head”.
  • Sub-occipital pain is easy to treat.
  • TMJ pain is more related to the temporal bone (side of head) than the mandible (jaw bone). The temporal bone is always out of alignment with jaw pain.
  • “Sinus headaches” are usually nothing more than a compressed sphenoid bone.
  • Ear tubes are not usually necessary if the temporal bones are aligned.
  • Nerve pain is easy to treat. 
Contact Us
Call our office during regular business hours at (586) 991-0801. For single, “private pay” sessions, our office staff is happy to help fit you with a highly skilled therapist with the specialized training to meet your health needs.

For physical or occupational therapy programs, they are pleased to help you with your scheduling. To find out if a physical or occupational therapy is right for you, visit our FAQ’s .
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