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CSI Wellness Package

We strive to bring you a therapy program that will meet your total
wellness goals and surpass your expectations! Over the past decade we have developed one of the most comprehensive integrative clinics, offering many of the same therapy tools used in some of the nation’s most renowned wellness facilities.

Our hope is that you will consider joining us on more than “a round of Physical Therapy”, but on a journey towards a more balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. Physical problems and breakdown are often the body’s indicator that we are asking to much of our bodies, and ourselves. Is it time for you to change that?

Our weekly Wellness Package provides you access to many of our Wellness Products during your therapy time. For one low weekly fee you can enjoy many of these tools to help you on your path of renewal. PT focuses on pain relief and function… Wellness focuses on the entire “you”.  

Renew                  Refresh                Reenergize
Weekly Package Options
BioMat............................................................up to 3/wk
InfraRed Sauna..............................................up to 3/wk
Detox Footbath..............................................up to 2/wk
Yoga Group....................................................fee waived
Meditation Group..........................................fee waived

Just $45 per week
Feel free to mix and match your wellness package options! 

We recommend that you do not use the BioMat and Sauna on the same day, as they are both strong detoxifiers. Speak to one of our Front Desk team members to schedule your sessions.

We are also proud to distribute high quality vitamins and supplements, Young Living Essential Oils, RESTORE, and Biofreeze. Please don’t hesitate to ask anyone on staff if you have product questions. 

Wellness Programs

Perhaps what sets us apart is our dedication to wellness. While traditional therapy and insurance only allow us to provide “pain and function” rehab, we know that you are much more than your aching back or TMJ diagnosis. Our team is dedicated to a lifestyle of wellness and inner balance. We strive to bring you these very beneficial and innovative services at a cost effective rate. Most of our services are available at a deep discount during your PT/OT program. We hope that you will use your time with us to delve into a deeper, more meaningful healing process. Let us know what we can do to assist in that journey!

Massage*, Massage Cupping & Energy Work

Gone are the days when PT regularly covered massage. Yet, tissue work is vitally important and relaxation is often a key omponent to breaking the pain cycle and getting back to living your life. Add on a 50 minute massage to any therapy session for only $49. This is a $25 savings and great way to treat yourself! What is Cupping? Technically it is Myofascial decompression. In layman’s terms, it is a process that lifts and separates the fascia from the muscle, allowing the muscle to return more closely to its relaxed state. At the same time, it rehydrates and re-oxygenates the tissue, resulting in detoxification. The process of Cupping involves placing glass, or plastic cups on the skin and creating a vacuum. The underlying tissue is lifted into the cup. The process of cupping enhances circulation, helps relieve pain and “heat” by pulling toxins from your body’s tissues. Wondering about Energy Work? Maybe you have been wondering about it, thinking of trying it, or maybe you have, and love it? Talk to your therapist about the benefits of both Reiki and energy work and how they could benefit you. Add on to any session for an additional $49. Reconnective Healing is available for $75 while a therapy patient, a savings of $15 per session.

InfraRed Sauna*
Our medical grade IR sauna is one of the most powerful on the market. IR sauna is a dry heat that helps with pain, stress, toxin release, weight loss and infections. We have a specially designed area, including shower to create an optimal and relaxing environment. Add on a sauna for only $25 ($10 savings). Ask our office staff about packages.

The BioMat has been one of our most popular wellness modalities. The high tech mat emits negative ions and infra red waves through channels of Amethyst. It is shown to increase circulation, burn calories, reduce stress and improve fatigue. We have also seen great improvements in pain and stress control. It is profoundly relaxing! Sessions start at 15 min and progress to 30 min. Discounted cost is just $5 for 15 minutes and $10 for 30 minutes.

Detox Footbath
Detoxification is vital to our health in our current environment. The Detox Footbath safely removes toxins by way of an ionic differential. Sessions take 30 min and you can watch the toxins as they are pulled from your feet. Foot baths are available for $25. A $10 discount.

Heart Math*
Heart Math is a high tech answer to today’s crazy world. We “know” that stress is a problem, but just can’t “shut it off”. Heart Math is a solution. In under 15 min the software gives you feedback and guides you through a process to get back in “sync”. It has been shown to have both immediate and long lasting effects. Sessions can be added to your therapy program for just $10, a $10 discount.

BioEnergetic Treatments
Frequency Specific Microcurrent and MiHealth are a regular part of most therapy programs. Many times there are issues that could be helped by these modalities that can not be covered under a therapy program. These sessions are discounted $15 per session. Regular pricing ranges from $30-$60. Popular issues for this option are seasonal allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and other general health issues.

ProVision Quantum Scanning & Infoceuticals
NES ProVision is a comprehensive and unique scan that identifies bioenergetic distortions. Treatment of these distortions is done through Infoceuticals, liquid remedies similar to homeopathics. Client feedback and response has been overwhelmingly positive. ProVision has been the most exciting wellness product that we have found to date. It can be a powerful adjunct to your therapy program. For this reason we offer DEEP discounts during your PT stay if you want to add this service. Initial scans are only $65 (a $100 savings!), rescans are $35 ($10 savings). Infoceuticals are discounted 15% during your program.

Emotion Code
Emotion Code is an exciting technique using muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to help detect emotional hurdles held in our bodies. Once clarified, a special magnet is used to help “clear” the hurdle. The client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. These sessions are $30 for 30 min ($15 savings).

Meditation & Stretching Groups
Join us for a small group for general stretching and fitness, led by a Chrissy Evans, PT. $7 drop in fee, or $5 for patients. Join Vanessa on Fridays for a minimally structured (nonguided) meditation group. $5 per session.

Contact Us
Call our office during regular business hours at (586) 991-0801. For single, “private pay” sessions, our office staff is happy to help fit you with a highly skilled therapist with the specialized training to meet your health needs.

For physical or occupational therapy programs, they are pleased to help you with your scheduling. To find out if a physical or occupational therapy is right for you, visit our FAQ’s .
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