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"I had severe pain from my herniated disc. Could not sleep, walk, or do any activities. 2 months later, BACK TO NORMAL! Thanks, CranioSacral Institute! : )"
Rochester, MI

"I am free of pain in my knees!!!"
Troy, MI

"This therapy has been a very different experience for me. It is not the same typical approach to getting my ankle better. I have done my (home exercises) and then the therapists here use techniques that have helped me to heal properly."
Rochester, MI

"Your staff is very knowledgeable about subject matters that I inquired about (aromatherapy, craniosacral)."
Detroit, MI

"This therapy has helped me stand longer and walk further."
Sterling Heights, MI

"The staff at CSI are beautifully trained in blending techniques that facilitate healing in the mind, body, & spirit. The staff honors that the journey is yours & offers you the support & care you need to proceed on your path."
D. M.

"I have Fibromyalgia and had it for 9 years. Some mornings I was in so much pain it took all I had just to get out of bed and shower. After approx. 6-7 weeks with craniosacral therapy, FSM, and Fibroplex, I believe I am seeing myself get better-for the first time in 9 years, and many other medications that did not work."
Macomb, MI

"Two months ago, I knew nothing about CSI of Michigan. I admit I was a bit incredulous at first. After all, I had tried nearly EVERYTHING to remedy my pain situation! Now, after treatment, however, I have experienced a SIGNIFICANT decrease in Fibromyalgia pain (which I have suffered with for over 20 years without relief), increased energy AND I notice continual improvements almost daily! All I can say is WOW!!! Well, actually, I can say more...I wish to thank the entire staff of CSI for their support and patience! Thank you Vanessa, for your kindness and patience in answering my 'dozens' of questions (or was it 'hundreds'?) and calming my fears and for your sunny, giving personality and sense of humor! Thank you for having the courage and compassion to bring these innovations to us in Michigan! I'd also like to thank my primary therapist Cindy, for her support, concern, expertise and encouragement as well as Kathy, for her empathetic, warm expressions and gentle care! Last but not least, I wish to thank Dr. Jonathan E. Cayle, of Cayle Clinic, for his skill in helping me with other longstanding health issues! What a team! I thank God for all of you! Keep up the good work!!! (Exclamation points intended and well deserved!!!)"
Detroit, MI

"It's interesting that something so simple as FSM can have such a profound effect on eliminating sinus pain."
Macomb Twp, MI

"Our 6 year daughter has a neuromuscular disease that prevents her from walking and many other things. Due to her condition her muscles are very weak and she is prone to contractures. We have been in therapy since she was 1 years old and have tried many different techniques to release her contractures including Botox and serial casting. We just convinced her to try serial casting again on her ankle and feet contractures so she can wear all the pretty shoes she loves to wear. We had already signed up for therapy with CSI – so we were going to wait on the casting. After only a few sessions - her ankle/feet contractures were gone! We are still continuing with therapy to release her knee contractures. It is wonderful to see her during the sessions so calm, relaxed and enjoying herself instead of being in pain. Thank you CSI – everyone we have dealt with has been wonderful to work with."
Macomb Twp, MI

"I have been a regular patient since they started in 2004. I have had Fibromyalgia since 2000 after my first session with Vansessa I could feel the difference in my body. I believe that I couldn't be able to do all the things I do today with out the total body work I have had over the years..... Everyone is very professional and caring in their work. Something you do not see in the work place. Vanessa you should be so proud of how you have combined the therapy sessions and therapist's for total body healing. I thank you from head to toe. "
Washington Twp, MI

"My 7 year old son is a happy boy for the first time in his life. He has Sensory Processing Disorder with anxiety. He has benefitted from Lymph Drainage therapy, Craniosacral therapy,FSM and beginning our journey with the naturpath doctor. He is medication free and living much happier. We have tried many different traditional medicine protocols with no success. He now has had the best year of his life with the help of Craniosacral Institute. God bless all of you for everything you do!"
Washington Township, MI

"I have been chronically ill and in pain for years and have done other physical therapy programs as well as my own integrated care approach, but with CSI I saw lasting results and for the first time ever felt as though I was being treated as a WHOLE person and not judged for my conditions."
Troy, MI

"Love your staff and their genuine concern for your well-being."
Macomb, MI

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Vanessa's craniosacral work saved my son from being put in a helmet to reshape his head. Dr. Cayle's FSM on me helped me recover quickly after my 2nd C-Section!"
Macomb, MI

"Lymph drainage allowed me to loose 2 liters of fluid in the 9th month of my pregnancy. Only 4 hour labor and ease of delivery due to Dr. Cayle's craniosacral methods."
Bloomfield, MI

"Regular (traditional) PT did nothing to get rid of the swelling in my knee caused by my surgery. After several sessions of FSM and lymph drainage, I was totally pain free most of the time. I feel I could benefit from additional treatments."
Macomb, MI

"Craniosacral Institute of Michigan has been the most instrumental in steps toward my healing and improved health-- physically, mentally and emotionally."
-, MI

"The combination of therapies and therapists have been terrific!"
Thea S.
Detroit, MI

"I had my first Kidney stone on a Friday night and spent 5 hours in the ER. After spending 3 days heavily medicated and feeling major discomfort, I called CSI of Mi for help. The staff got me right in for an FSM treatment on a Monday. 15 minutes into the session, the pain disappeared completely and passed the Stone 5 days later on a Friday without having to take any more pain medication. I highly recommend FSM for anyone who suffers from Kidney stones and they need to see the specialists at CSI of Michigan for their treatment! "
Romeo, MI

"To the staff at CSI, especially Cindy and Renu, thank you so much for everything. I drove out twice a week for about five weeks from Royal Oak, and looked forward to every visit. This is unlike any other experience in health and wellness that Ive ever had, and I would highly recommend CSI to anyone. You will never see a better staff than here, and thank you to Vanessa for her warmth and sincere interest in all of her clients. Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience. "
Royal Oak, MI

"CranioSacral Institute is amazing! I walked in with a MIGRAINE and walked out PAIN FREE! They do so many wonderful therapies at CSI. From Craniosacral and Lymph drainage for the migraine to FSM and Physical therapy for my knee. They do it all . I have been able to experience awesome results with the physical therapists when I had a new ACL put in and they had me up and out in 5 weeks. (Something that takes a good 3 months in traditional therapy, I know because I had an ACL recovery done there too). You are all very wonderful and talented people!!"
Washington Twp, MI

"Although I was skeptical at first, I went for one treatment to see if I would feel any difference after nearly 11 months of suffering with kidney stone pain, and multitudes of doctors and tests. Immediately afterwards, I noticed what looked like sand in the toilet. THANK YOU CSI!!! You are my miracle!"
Clarkston, MI

"I tried everything to alleviate allergies for a month. FSM was a savior and helped with my allergies immediately! I will use FSM for every season from here on out!"
Ray, MI

"I am using the FSM for my thryroid (among other things). The first time I ran it, my thyroid, which was in "goiter" mode-twitched and jumped. The goiter has not been back yet-I have continued to run this in hopes of healing completely. My husband is using it for would healing from a rectal abcess. They did not expect him to heal since he has leukemia. The dr. even suggested a colostomy-2 months in-not only is he healing well-he is doing better than a "normal" healthy person."
, MI

"In April 2009 we purchased our own FSM machine for our 8 year old daughter that has several surgeries on her back. We saw the difference in her at the clinic and wanted to give the same relief right out of surgery. Three days post op her incision was completely healed and only used pain medicine for 24-48 hours. The machine is now a staple in our house & our entire family uses it."
, MI

“Amazing how it took only 5 weeks to recover from an ACL replacement surgery at CSI, when it took 13 weeks at a traditional therapy center to recover from the same surgery. FSM and the staff at CSI are unbelievable!”
Washington, MI

"Vanessa and her staff are great! I have had bad allergies and Sinus infections for years and it is all gone! I love them! Call them!"
Ray twp, MI

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